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Live Music - Lat Bloom in Engine Room on April 2nd!

April 2nd is the opening night for "All on the Wall 2" but it is also the night ReLat Blooms, a newly formed local band will be playing in our gallery space!

Here is what Bassell Franks has to say about his band:

"The group is called ReLat Blooms. This is a newly formed group to explore different shades and colors of improvisational music. The band members consist of Matt Lewis on bass, Ken Bussey playing guitar and Bassell Franks blowing the flugelhorn. This trio has an innate flexibility which allows them to experiment within different musical influences i.e Jazz, Latin, Classical, Blues, R&B etc... in order to create uncharted soundscapes."

Doesn't that sound great!? You don't want to miss this event!

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