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NN Dwyer's solo exhibit Cover Article is not to be missed!

NN Dwyer's solo exhibit "Cover Article" consisting

of found object sculpture, oil paintings, quilts, embroidery, collage and more creates its own little world full of stories and peculiar wonder inside our gallery space.

The incredible vision of Dwyer's work is immediately exciting and curious. Old found objects are cut up and reformed into new objects that seem like they would be very useful in an imaginary world. Trash becomes a colorful tree. An end table becomes an enlarged animal cell model with what seems like a wound constructed from red thread.

In this exhibit there are interactive elements you can feel or even hold like a baby. A head shaped desk holds a book, pens, markers, glue and collage materials for visitors to make their own art to contribute to the installation as a whole.

The reception with the artist will be Friday August 25th from 6 pm - 7 pm

There is so much to see and do. Don't miss it!

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