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Homs- An Opportunity to Influence Art Objects and Performance

Right at the beginning of the performance.

Homs- a performance piece by artist Patrick Facemire is happening...right now and will continue until this Sunday at 5pm. The persona assumed by Mr. Facemire is building, building, building in our space with whatever materials visitors bring in for him to work with. ( I just heard one of his cardboard and tape structures tumble down) . Come watch! Bring some unique building supplies, anything at all, and see what happens. Even tear down or build with what is already here! The performance is all about imagination, improvisation, cause, and effect. See how the performer responds when you interact with his work.

“The environment that I inhabit and the gallery-goers visit will be one that is constantly transforming and shifting, affecting the way that I live and the way that the public will experience the space. Depending on how the constructs are configured, they may find themselves with an open space, a direct pathway, or a crowded maze. They may struggle to work their way through the environment or they may have to destroy my work to continue moving. They may take control of the space, or they may passively watch as I work within it. Whatever the case, the gallery will become a fluid environment, constantly shifting and reacting to what goes on within it. In effect, the space will, for a small period of time, become a reflection of each person that walks within it, and a sort of artistic community in itself.” - Patrick Facemire

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