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Engine Room's Pocket Market of Art

The Pocket Market is a great opportunity for artists to clear out some of their smaller pieces, make some money and provide customers with fabulous one of a kind holiday gifts!This event will happen December 11 4 pm to 8 pm & 12 12 pm to 7 pm in conjunction The Donwtown Movement's Pop-up Shops and Hollyfest, Hagerstown's annual tree lighting! Holiday shoppers abound!The idea is to help artists raise money but also provide very affordable gifts for customers. Suggested price range is $1-100. You can see a list of suggested merchandise, other event information and get the application by clicking the POCKET! or the Pocket Market button on our home page. We are accepting applications now until October 31. The rental fee for a table is $25 and all sales will be handled by the artist, no comission charged!

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